Post-Menopause: Sore, Dry & often Ignored!

When you think Menopause, you think hot sweats! But this time we are talking about the Vagina. Vaginal Dryness is such a common, yet not often talked-about side effect of the dropping levels of Estrogen in our Post-Menopausal Women. Let’s call you PM’s for short! I have drove of women coming in to the clinic on a weekly basis for help with their symptoms regarding Menopause, & vaginal dryness is almost always among them! And best of all, they have not really been offered much support for this area, apart from Estrogen suppositories which for some Women can be very helpful, however many wish to manage things more naturally. Sometimes our PM’s get told to use Lubricant regularly – that is a great idea for intercourse however it sounds like one sticky mess for day-to-day living! Sometimes it’s Coconut oil that get’s recommended -which does have amazing supportive properties, however unless you enjoy smelling like a coconut 24/7 we need an easier option. Not only that, you need to make sure you don’t get your Coconut oil jar mixed up with the one in the Kitchen! Then there is Mona-Lisa laser therapy that has mixed reviews. Either way, none of these solutions are overly helpful or convenient.

Why does it happen?

The drop in Estrogen that occurs after Menopause is a totally normal response to the Ovaries no longer functioning like they did in the younger days (they had a good run!) The lack of Estrogen causes the walls of the Vagina to atrophy (or break down slightly) to become a little thinner, less elastic and more fragile than before. This can cause simple tasks such as wiping after urination, walking, exercising or sexual intercourse to become very uncomfortable. The vaginal walls can become very inflamed, tender, sore and can occasionally bleed from micro-tearing. Something we take for granted before it happens I am sure!

Our PM’s aren’t the only lucky ones to have this though, as it is a common side effects of breastfeeding mothers, women who have had a Hysterectomy and those who have received chemotherapy. We have amazing success reducing PM women’s symptoms using natural remedies, however Vaginal Dryness is one of those tricky ones that doesn’t seem to respond to the usual internal treatments we use.

So what can we do about it?

Well I am currently making a new topical remedy that will assist in not only improving the moisture in the tissues around the Vulva, but will also reduce inflammation of the tissues, promote repair & soothe the mucous membranes. It is all 100% natural and contains no chemicals. We are running trials on some of our PM’s as we speak, and we are getting fantastic results!

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us otherwise stay tuned!

Monique Kelly Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist