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Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances are one of the most common reasons people see a Naturopath. Too often Women are seeing their medical practitioners about their list of side effects – PMS, bloating, migraines, headaches, Mood swings, low libido (the list could fill this page) only to be offered the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP). This is not correcting the imbalance for these women, nor is it helping many of them. Many Women are avoiding taking Synthetic Hormones due to the way they make Women feel. Many are opting for their natural cycles but are stuck in between their cycles not being 100% right and the Pill causing side effects. This is where many women will just jump “back on the Pill” because at least your skin was clear. There is another option though – Hormone Balancing using Natural Medicines, Nutritional Medicines, Diet and Lifestyle changes. Natural Medicine really shines when it comes to re-balancing and organising female cycles.

Here is a few things to remember:

  • It takes 100 days for the Ovarian cycle to fully start and finally finish with the matured follicle (egg) being released. That means what you do NOW is affecting your cycles in 3 months time.
  • Because of this, it takes time to fully balance out your cycles. There are no quick fixes. But the positive is that you will see changes as each cycle goes by and you do not have to wait for 3 months to see any changes in how you feel. Complete resolution can take a little while as the key ingredients are absorbed and taken to where they need to be but trust us, it is worth the wait!
  • If you are experiencing Amennorhea (absent periods) then this can take longer to bring your periods back. It all depends on your triggers but you need to have your periods back in order to have good health. Periods are an important sign of how your cycles are working.
  • Periods should show up and leave without too much drama. Pain is not normal. Terrible moods are not normal. Headaches are not normal.  Very bad Acne is not normal. Breast Pain is not normal. Fatigue is not normal. We need to change this mindset that periods are something women just “suffer through” and try to aim higher than that. Periods are not supposed to be overly symptomatic and definitely not terrible month after month.
  • Once the hormones are set and rolling along nicely, we can teach you how to maintain them and what to look out for to stop yourself going downhill again.
  • Healthy, Strong Ovulation is the Queen of your Health!
  • You can support yourself even if you choose to take the OCP. In fact, that is almost a must as the OCP depletes your body even further.
  • If you have a Mirena inserted, then you are likely still ovulating (a reason why it is a little better for symptoms than the OCP). This means you CAN still work on your hormones whilst you have a Mirena in as it is still possible you can have PMS and side effects without the periods.
  • If you are looking to fall pregnant, you should be working on yourself at least 3 months out from trying. See point #2. Fertility and Pregnancy is not a time you want to go into feeling depleted and drained.
  • Hormones are always fluctuating and changing – it is very helpful if you get to know where you are in your cycle and what this means. In fact you can plan events around it as there are times you will feel more energised, more flat, more libido, better sleep etc.

How we approach Hormones at MKNH:

We perform pathology tests to find out what is going on with your cycle and to help us discover the root causes of the imbalances.

Sometime imbalance is linked with stress, whilst other times it is about re-balancing Methylation, Assisting Thyroid Hormone production, supporting detoxification or reducing inflammation in the body. A lot of the time the diet has a major impact on your cycles. Whatever the triggers, we will help to find them out and make a plan to get your hormones back on track.

Monique Kelly Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist
“My PMS was so bad I felt like I was Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde at period time. My partner could not come near me and my breast pain was so bad the kids couldn’t hug me! Now my cycles are mostly symptom free & I only have a mild bit of PMS a few hours before it shows up. So Happy!”
Katie, MKNH Client

Natural Treatment Plan

  • Improve nutritional content in diet & ensure adequate intake of food
  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Support Stress Responses
  • Test patient for possible triggers in blood – Genetics, Methylation, Deficiencies etc
  • Support Digestion and Microbiome Health (the 2nd Brain)
  • Improve Sleep quality & quantity
  • Regulate appropriate Exercise regime (not too much or too little)
  • Balance Neuro-chemistry with nutrition & herbal medicine
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