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The Black Dog as it is so often called, can hit anyone of any age, gender or background at any time. It can be a very difficult time when this occurs to you or your family and it can abruptly impact your life in a mild to severe way. Everyone is different in how Depression and Low Mood can present in your life. Maybe it’s just that you feel disconnected from your friends or you are losing your joy in the usual things in life. Or maybe you are finding it harder and harder to get out of bed every morning. However it appears for you, it feels very real and very, very heavy and if you are reading this, then perhaps you are searching for some answers to pull yourself or your mate out of the “hole”. So…I’m glad you’re here. It means you are aware that how you feel isn’t how you are supposed to feel! It’s surprising to me how many clients I see who have no idea what they feel isn’t felt by everyone else all the time. I always say “we don’t know what we don’t know” and this is very true when it comes to our mental health. We assume everyone else feels the same or that no-one feels like you do so they won’t understand. Being objective with yourself is hard yakka but it is good to question your mind to check in and see how you are really feeling under it all. Not dwelling & soldering on through the bad times can be a helpful strategy but when the ‘fog’ or ‘haze’ of Depression doesn’t lift then it is time to get some help and a fresh pair of eyes over things.

Here is a few things to remember:

  • Get a good crew of team members on your side – your GP, your Naturopath, a great Psychologist/Social Worker/Counsellor
  • Get blood tests done to check all your hormones & nutrient levels – AND make sure the right person is interpreting them for you. A Naturopath/Nutritionist will assess your bloods from a perspective of “are you functioning optimally” not just “are you in the parameters”.
  • Exercise IS your best friend. I don’t care that you don’t feel like it. Just do something – moving your wonderful body is the fastest way out of the “hole”. Get an Exercise buddy, a PT, a dog, a class you enjoy or a podcast to listen to and get sweaty.
  • It’s OKAY to feel down and depressed sometimes. We all feel these emotions. It’s when they stick around it’s important to know WHY so you aren’t just medicating yourself without looking into what your body is doing.
  • Medication is sometimes necessary and that’s ok. Sometimes I recommend this to clients as your wellbeing is our priority and sometimes correcting imbalances in the body can take time. We don’t want you feeling horrible for months on end and Medication can be amazing to assist your body short term.

How we approach Depression at MKNH:

We need to determine the potential triggers for your mood imbalance. Whether that is gut related, linked to nutrient deficiency, hormone dysfunction, diet, stress, poor sleep or Genetics.

We work in a holistic way to improve all areas of the engine that is your body so that you feel better quickly and stay that way.

Monique Kelly Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist
“Monique has provided so much support for my depression, both through my supplements and also being an understanding ear. Thank you.”
Alex, MKNH Client

Natural Treatment Plan

  • Identify & implement stress coping methods

  • Review possible Food triggers
  • Restore hormone imbalances – Thyroid, Reproductive etc

  • Assess Digestive Function and potential pathogens or bacterial imbalances
  • Balance Neuro-chemistry with nutrition & herbal medicine
  • Support Neurotransmitter production (like your ‘Happy Hormone’ Serotonin)
  • Correct Nutritional Deficiencies
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