Common Health issues seen in Clinic:

  • Thyroid Health – Underactive; Overactive; Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis etc
  • Weight loss / gain (customised weight management programs tailored to you and your lifestyle! No more fad diets!)
  • Hormonal dysfunction – PCOS; Infertility; heavy/absent/painful periods; skin changes; mood changes; menopause; endometriosis; recurrent thrush etc
  • ‘Gut issues’ –  All matter of digestion & bowel movement issues – Reflux; bloating; pain/discomfort; nausea; constipation; diarrhoea etc
  • Food intolerance and allergy – (Testing available)
  • Poor diet / nutrition deficiencies
  • Fatigue – The “I’m always tired” syndrome
  • Sleeping issues – Insomnia; waking at all hours; waking up feeling exhausted etc
  • Stress support
  • General wellbeing & health
  • Children’s health – Mood changes; food intolerances; allergies; digestions issues; skin problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Skin issues – Acne; pimples; eczema; psoriasis; rosascea etc
  • Muscle mass / gain

Natural Medicine can help to manage and reverse many health concerns. If you do not see your particular health concern on this list, please do not hesitate to ask Monique if she has dealt with it before. Monique has seen and assisted so many health problems, not everything can be listed here!