I have been seeing Monique on and off over the past 3 years and she has made such a difference to my life. I used to suffer from so many problems with my digestion which now have been resolved thanks to her! Energy is so better much better too! 🙂
Amy, Admin
I liked Monique’s easy honest approach to things – I have seen other Naturopaths previously but often came home confused with a lot of supplements and an empty pocket!
Linda, Accountant
My immune system was shot before going to the clinic. Sick every few weeks and catching everything in the office. Nothing for a few months now, feeling great.
I have seen Monique for over 5 years and I wouldn’t be without her and her goodies she gives us! She has been there for me through a few different surgeries, Menopause, depression and anxiety. I manage my health well with the help of her supplements (which I don’t go without) and now I am in the maintenance phase which keeps me feeling great.
Monique fixed my diet! I lived on the kids leftovers and Monique gave me some great tips on what I needed to do to eat for fuel and health. Also found out I was Dairy intolerant and never knew (ignorance is bliss). More energy than ever before! No longer feel like a grey mum with the blinkers on!
Sam, Mum of 2
Worst time during Menopause. I put up with it for years before I was recommended to Monique by a friend and I am so glad I went! I am happy to say that I am hot flush free and also feel good knowing that I am doing something to protect myself for the future. (Breast Cancer in the family). You’re a lifesaver Monique – literally!
Margaret S., Retired
I was having really painful periods and Monique sorted them out with her magic potions! More manageable now which is great and I actually have better energy because I can, for the first time in my life, hold some Iron! Her Iron lozenges are my life-blood!
Tracey, Human Resources
Terrible periods and (I hate to say it) even worse PMS before I saw Monique! It was horrible I was not myself and it’s so scary feeling like you have no control and your only options are the Pill (which made me worse!) Now, regular easy cycles and my moods are a third of what they were! We’re still working on my chocolate obsession ha!
I have always been into Natural medicines but I went to Monique as I was so tired and sore all the time after work and my supplements weren’t helping anymore. She put me on a better, stronger plan and I feel so much better. No cramps and I am sleeping like a log. I visit every few months or so to check in if I need anything changed up.
Nathan, Carpenter