One-on-One Health Consultations

Our practitioners assist clients in the form of individual Health Consultations, for either yourself, your child or in a couple setting. This is where you get to speak to a qualified expert in a one-on-one setting where you can ask those “not-so-stupid” questions, find out the causes of your problems, learn and be educated on how you can maintain good health, or simply just discover it!

Our team encourages the practice of healthy lifestyles, a balanced diet and the use of natural, nutritional and herbal therapies, where indicated, to help resolve any health issues you may be presenting with, or just to maintain your vitality! Practitioners will often recommend other diagnostic investigations in the form of Blood Pathology testing, salivary hormone testing, Functional health testing, food intolerance and Allergy testing and even stool analysis, to further assess your state of health and give them the most educated and informed idea about what could be causing your concerns.

True health and happiness comes from the knowledge of WHY you aren’t feeling the best, and then how you can make some changes to influence the health of not only yourself, but your family, for the long term. This is what I aim to be able to teach every one of my patients, so that they can make identify what might be wrong & know some what they can do to bring their life back on track. Explanation, Education then Evolution“. – Monique”

When was the last time you sat in front of a health professional for over an hour talking about your health, diet, stress levels & lifestyle?
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