Introducing Kara.

BHSc Nutrition & Dietetics (Currently finishing)

Adv. Diploma Nutrition

Member Nutrition Association of Australia

A little about Kara…

Kara is a Nutritionist who is passionate about inspiring others to take charge of their own health through dietary and lifestyle interventions. 
Over the past three years Kara has been on a health journey to reconnect and understand the complexities of her own body through nutrition, exercise and yoga. Having hormonal imbalances herself, Kara has truly put emphasis on learning and understanding individual body systems and how they work in synergy and as a whole. Through her personal health lessons, she has learnt how to help others achieve wellness in their own lives.

“We are all unique and each of us have different goals, therefore taking an individualised approach to your diet and lifestyle is very important to me.”

Areas of Special Interest

Kara’s goal as a Nutritionist is to focus on the foundations of health, searching for the areas that are in need of attention. Kara is very interested in all areas of woman’s health, particularly in healthy mindset around dieting and eating food. kara also enjoys helping people discover the reasons behind their digestive complaints, which can include testing them for Food Intolerances.

Kara enjoys helping her clients plan out their meals to ensure they are achieving their goals. She often performs nutritional planning for Weight Loss, supporting immunity, training and reducing fatigue. She will help show you how easy it can be to implement changes in your diet and give you strategies for lifelong wellness.

Health is much more than merely the food that fuels us, it’s about appreciating your body and using diet and lifestyle as a tool to optimise our well-being.

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