Belinda Waycott

Introducing Belinda.

BHSc Naturopathy

Member Nutrition Association of Australia

A little about Belinda…

Belinda has been working in and around the Natural health industry for over 8 years. She started her journey working with Monique at another Health Clinic many years ago, where they bonded over their love of helping people achieve their goals. Seeing how effective Natural Medicine was at helping people, she went on to study her Bachelor in Health Science to become a Naturopath.  

Belinda is a mother of 4 gorgeous boys and has a deep understanding of the juggle that is caring for your own health whilst trying to look after your family. She has experienced first hand what putting everyone else before you can do to your own health. She is passionate about finding ways to keep health a priority whilst still looking after your mental health and social life!  You can’t pour from an empty cup and all that! 

Belinda loves that Naturopathy looks at addressing the underlying causes of your health complaints, rather than just using ‘band-aid’ methods. Although, she fully appreciates the effectiveness Modern Medicine has and loves to work in with your health practitioners to resolve health concerns, as is the MKNH way. 

Areas of Special Interest

Belinda is very interested in all areas of woman’s health, particularly hormone imbalances, PCOS, PMS, heavy periods, painful periods, and Menopause. She loves assisting you and your partner to prepare for having a baby as well as maintaining a healthy pregnancy all through the Trimesters (and into the 4th Trimester where Mums and Dads need the support!) She has great experience with stress and anxiety and improving skin conditions. 

Having kids of her own, she loves helping you with your Children’s health too!



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