Project Description


Natural treatments of anxiety in women, men and children.

We have all usually had feelings of anxiety in our lives from time to time. But those who have experienced these deep feelings of fear and anxiousness will resonate with what I am talking about. This isn’t just a rational worry about work or a situation. This is an irrational overreaction to standard life stuff. And you feel like an idiot for reacting this way because our Ego needs to rationalise and understand things. And when you can’t find a logical explanation for why you are awake at 2am thinking about something that doesn’t even bloody exist, your Ego-Brain decides that you are in fact, Nuts. And so the panic about being nuts begins!

“After suffering from severe anxiety since my teenage years, I always thought I was destined to take anti-depressants forever. Treating my imbalances naturally has honestly changed my life from having daily anxiety to roughly one day per month. AMAZING!”
Tamara, MKNH Client

Natural Treatment Plan

Our naturopathic aims for treating Anxiety include;

  • Improve diet and nutritional content
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Conduct tests for further analysis