Monique Kelly
Monique KellyNaturopath & Clinical Nutritionist
Monique is a Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist. She has extensive training in all aspects of health care & is the Founder of the MKNH Clinic. She prides herself on her ability to problem solve your health issues & assist you in resolving them using herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals & food.

She likes to dig down into your more complex issues – whether that is hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, digestive concerns, Acne, Immune & Mood disorders. Monique has particular experience and interest in dealing with Anxiety, Depression and hormonal disorders. She assist with Fertility & Pre-conception support, often helping her female clients fall pregnant after years of hormonal imbalance.

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Belinda Waycott
Belinda WaycottNaturopath
Belinda has been working and studying in the industry for many years and can assist with all health concerns. She has special interests in Hormone imbalance, PCOS, Menopause, Pre & Post-Pregnancy & Children’s health. Having 4 boys of her own, she knows a thing or two on how to juggle health, work & family!

Belinda is a very compassionate Naturopath who likes to investigate all areas to help you figure out why your health is off track, so she can give you easy strategies to get you feeling well again and back on track.

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Kara Mackrell
Kara MackrellNutritionist & Diet Planner
Kara Mackrell is the resident MKNH Nutritionist & all round Foodie! She is our Diet Planning Queen & has been featured with many great health businesses, including YouFoodz and Perkii probiotics!

Kara will help you figure out how & what you should eat! She tests for food intolerances to help assist in reducing any digestive inflammation. She loves to teach mindfulness in with functional advice on how to eat so you can get your mindset around food sorted! She prefers realistic goals over any crazy fad diets and loves to help her fellow ladies with PCOS (having this condition herself!)

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